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SearchJinni helps to improve our clients' online marketing audience targeting efficiency, thereby furthering our clients' branding and direct-response efforts to expanding their sales, both on- and offline. Essentially, we advise and help navigate the fast changing landscape of online marketing as well as conceive and implement custom strategies aligned with our clients' business objectives.

Our focus is on online Search, Display and Social Media Advertising through various channels. In the early days, paid search or search engine marketing (SEM) or pay per click (PPC) marketing were apt descriptions for this field because it was available through search engines and the Cost model was pay per click. With the rapid evolution of online marketing, PPC is available on several platforms and devices with differences in audience targeting methods and merits. These platforms include search engines such as Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo! Search Marketing, Baidu and Naver; social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn; other smaller international and regional ad networks or aggregators with remarketing engines; and placements on private websites. There are several new possibilities and potentials in reaching targeted audience and they come with increasing precision.

Our forte is in data analysis from various sources and translating them to business insights invaluable to our clients. We are also able to perform advanced multivariate analyses to elucidate information 'hidden' in the complex arrays of data and hence further improve the campaigns. Apart from these, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or Conversion is a top priority at SearchJinni - we emphasize tracking, measurement and continuous improvements.

We have had years of experience with clients of various sizes and at different stages of growth in different parts of the world. This extensive experience allows us to implement the best practices and techniques to all accounts as well as advise on third party tools, backend requirements or advanced analytical software. Being immersed in worldwide e-commerce developments since 1998, we also advise clients on their website and landing pages designs that are also key to further our clients' digital marketing efforts.

In essence, we act as an outsource service provider and consultant to our clients - advising clients on their worldwide digital marketing initiatives and provide our expertise to jointly develop and execute sound strategies aligned with the company's objectives. Each of our client's strategy is customized to suit its business, directions, stage of development and budget. We help to minimize ad spend, lower costs and improve sales, i.e. achieve optimal performance.

SearchJinni is a limited liability partnership registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (Registration #T09LL0071F).

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How We Work

From initial engagement, SearchJinni ensures a thorough understanding of a client's objectives and anticipates the changing needs. We work closely with each client to craft a custom strategy for the initiative, taking into account longer term variability and scalability. Our cross cultural understanding of the markets and people as well as in-house linguistic capability enable us to pinpoint the right audience and strike a chord with them. Data analytical strength further improves ad targeting, reduce costs and ultimately drive higher conversions and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).Recognizing that our clients are at varying stages of introducing SEM into their marketing strategies, we provide education and sound advice to help our clients take advantage of the new channel or revise the search engine marketing strategy to better suit the dynamic environment. Our clients have full access to their PPC accounts.

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SearchJinni Process

(1) Initial consultation to understand your company, product offerings and objectives in online marketing.

(2) Research keywords/websites/target audience associated with your products, services, website and industry taking into account end-user search patterns and habits.

(3) Structure effective campaigns, recommend keyword & match types, websites and targeting methods that suit your objectives and minimize the initial CPC.

(4) Copy write ads aligned with your company's requirements and effective for each channel of marketing.

(5) Recommend strategies for both your paid search, display and social media campaigns to reach your goals in the shortest possible time frame.

(6) Set up a process for tracking your campaigns' performance and effectiveness.

(7) Go live!

(8) Review performance and analyze data periodically; readjust parameters or strategy towards achieving objectives.

(9) Periodic update on your performance.

(10) Expand and Improve the account with new and advanced features, techniques and/or strategies.


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