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Customized Strategy

At SearchJinni,

  • we customize your online advertising strategy to suit your business objectives, stage of development and budget. We strive to achieve the best values for each and every client, and set ourselves apart by not only delivering exceptional results but also providing the best services;

  • we have a wide experience across major search engines' paid search channels, e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Naver and Baidu. We can also implement display ads on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Shopping;

  • we use advanced statistical methods and algorithms to perform analysis such as multivariate analysis to investigate your data;

  • we are fully aware of each platform's idiosyncrasies to help plan the most effective approach, advise on implementation, optimize campaigns and significantly reduce cost while improving targeting efficiency. We constantly keep abreast of developments in digital advertising and its related technologies or stay up-to-date with new features or techniques available on each platform so as to recommend the latest, most effective approaches to achieving our clients' objectives;

  • we have developed a set of best practices and optimization methods which we implement into our clients' campaigns. This approach has been cultivated from experience in implementing campaigns across major countries across the globe on different search engines and other platforms in different languages. With our knowledge of the markets, we advise our clients on the best channels and strategies for implementing or enhancing their digital marketing;

  • we provide full access to your ad accounts and/or Google Analytics accounts (if implemented), i.e. the performance is fully transparent. We strongly encourage transparency and share all the results with our clients to improve their online marketing;

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    Campaign Management, Data Analysis & Conversion Rate Optimization

    Managing tens of thousands of keywords and the data thus collected can be daunting. SearchJinni undertakes this task and structures the campaigns to ease management of the keywords, ads and bids. We not only exercise the best industry practices and techniques but also rigorously analyze the data to optimize the campaigns and achieve high Conversions or Return on Ad Spend. We believe in delivering the highest potential of digital advertising to grow our clients’ business. Some of the processes we perform regularly include:

    • A/B testing of ads and landing pages
    • bid optimization and strategies
    • keyword management
    • conversion tracking
    • Google Analytics web data analyses
    • localization of ads and keywords
    • referral source management
    • display ads planning & management
    • placements curation
    • ad copy management
    • copy editing / writing
    • quality score / index / relevance score improvement
    • remarketing or retargeting
    • target audience segmentation
    • Google shopping campaigns / ecommerce
    • content marketing and amplification

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    Creatives Development and Website Design

    We help our clients in creating image or banner ads (for Google Adwords display network advertising) and offering advice to redesign their landing pages or websites to improve search rankings, user experience and landing page quality.

    Just like a billboard, image/banner ads capture the attention of passers-by on the internet. These creatives can reinforce brands, inform the public about seasonal promotions or entice potential customers to visit the website (and converting the visit into a purchase or sales lead). When the visitor lands on the webpage, the design of the page is also an important element to successful campaigns. A well-designed website or landing page improves many aspects of an organization’s online as well as offline publicity. It can also catapult its rankings in both organic and paid search.

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    Web Analytics

    With knowledge of database, internet technologies and advanced statistical analysis, SearchJinni provides in-depth business analyses from our clients’ website traffic to recommend new strategies for both online and offline sales growth or highlight areas of opportunities. The data is obtained from technology providers'/publishers' platforms, web analytics such as Omniture and Google Analytics, and clients' in-house CRM databases.

    The data from Analytics and PPC reports provides good information to ensure our clients' online efforts are further optimized towards their objectives and yield the best possible returns.


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