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Prior to starting SearchJinni, Weelit was instrumental in setting up the search engine marketing (SEM) initiative for Apple Asia Pacific Online Store from an agency specialized in SEM. He overhauled the campaign structure for Apple, provided the keywords and initial strategies, and subsequently managed and optimized to attain the targeted CPS. He was also involved in restructuring's campaigns in the USA.

Earlier in his career, he was with a government agency - Singapore Trade Development Board (now known as IE Singapore) - where he played a key role in developing new policies for ecommerce and internet adoption. He set up the San Francisco office for the agency and was also the vice Consul (Commercial) there. After leaving service, he helped to start up non-profit organizations and was playing business development roles in the electronics and semiconductor space.

Weelit's interests in computer programming started at a young age and developed through high school and university. While at the Navy, he created several scripts for data manipulation and for improving workflow. He is adept at website design and development, creatives and Flash animation as well as eDM and other forms of digital marketing. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering (1st class) from UCL and later gained advanced data analytical techniques and knowledge of artificial intelligence algorithms for bioinformatics.

Weelit lived in the Silicon Valley for several years before returning to Singapore to found this business. His intention is to enable Asian companies to leverage the untapped potential of the internet and search engine marketing to reach the world market at a low risk and at a relatively low cost.

He volunteers at the Food from the Heart, a charitable organization in Singapore, to send food to the less fortunate communities in Singapore - a volunteer task he performs as responsibly, and as meticulously as running the best PPC campaigns for all his clients.


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